Company History

turtle_web The story of GOLDWATER, a limited liability company base in Roma, is quite simple and its happens since the global crisis’s effect start to release on the market (from the reducing cost policy applied by multinational firms), highly skilled and experienced top managers and/or scientist and/or top researcher mainly based in Europe and USA. The GOLDWATER establishment, a company lead by Viro Romani’s family who is the “carnitina revolutionary electrochemical-thought process designer in the ‘80”, was the mastermind entity that did not hesitate to collect into a “unique umbrella” such super skilled peoples, too heavy to be relocate in other organizations and too much expensive to be employed in medium-size companies, at that time. The decision to push-out the source of the capabilities and knowledge was the worst mistake done by the multinationals (like as MERK-SERONO, SIGMA-TAU, ROCHE, SCHLUMBERGER, TECHNIP, FOSTER WHEELER, BRISTOL-MAYERS-SQUIBB, UNILEVER, DEUTSCHE BANK, MONTE DEI PASCHI, VODAFONE, TELECOM, ENEL, ENI, FUEL INC., KUWAIT PETROLEUM COMPANY, ADNOC, etc.) and the “lucky start” for GOLDWATER, that collect such super-skilled people under its name. With a visionary idea has been set up an advisory organization that can include 51 top professionals and represent more than 40 top firms in around 60 countries, with a light cost effective structure, very flexible and without political barriers. GOLDWATER is now a tank of knowledge, experience and capabilities that’s own a list of unveiled project and initiatives that each member who joint the company brings with him when they left the past organization after more than 30 years of top level management, at least. Unconventional Energy Development, Renewable Energy and related Industrial Solutions, Advance Pharmaceuticals and Neutraceuticals, Waste Recycling, Management Innovation Techniques, Advanced Banking System start to became the new frontiers since the global crisis happens in 2007. The Goldwater’s team was able to understand it due its strong experience and relevant global position of each component. The availability of such relevant professional allow also Goldwater to finalise many agreements with well reputed research centres and university like as the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, the University of Florence and many others that allows to have a powerful development and prestigious tools to validate any proposed technology and/or to better finalise any due-diligence activity. Most of the main engineering and design firms, multidisciplinary governmental team, companies ‘board are requiring often to have a Goldwater member inside.