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Goldwater top professionals are ready for Petroleum Biotechnology

Petroleum Biotechnology integrated service package is delivered to combine the biotechnology with fossil fuel engineering, bringing together the various biotechnology methods that are applied to recovery, refining and remediation in the uses of petroleum and petroleum products.

CYBER SECURITY II: defend crucial ICS/SCADA infrastructure from devastating attacks the tried-and-true Hacking Exposed way

Every day new powerful weapons and devious methods cyber-terrorists use to compromise the devices, applications, and systems vital to industrial process plant, chemical complex, oil and gas pipelines, electrical grids up to nuclear refineries. It’s not time to sleep! GOLDWATER setup a dedicated Team to resolve vulnerabilities and attack vectors specific to ICS/SCADA protocols, applications, […]

CYBER SECURITY: a technical joint partnership with EPS DATACOM

Accordingly with Italian National Framework for cyber security (2015)…..”Today, the economic and social systems of advanced countries are strongly dependent on cyberspace, meant as the combination of networks and data systems needed to provide essential services to citizens by governmental bodies, Critical Infrastructures, enterprises and the public sector. IT systems have become a key factor […]


GOLDWATER is strongly supporting the VIBECO’s overseas market espansion program for 2017-2020. VIBECO ( ) are a proactive, forward thinking company, offering Nationwide Coverage for all waste disposal requirements. Its aim is to work with their clients, to provide a comprehensive and complete solution that covers all aspects of their waste and recycling requirements. VIBECO […]

Congratulations Mr. President

Dear Mr. President-Elect, Please accept my warm congratulations on your victory and my best wishes for your success as you prepare to take up the responsibilities and challenges of your high office. As you embark upon your new responsibilities, I wish to assure you and the GOLDWATER’s team of the continued friendship and sympathetic interest […]

Mediterranean : the source for a Regional cleaner future!

Yesterday, 30th of August 2015, Eni SpA announced 30 trillion cubic feet of gas field. It is considered the 4th largest discover in the last 10 years. This puts Eni in a leading position of natural gas with a perspective towards the future. The deposit is located in Zohr Prospect in the Shorouk block. This […]

Goldwater (ITALY) and KOBO Funds (UK) join collaboration.

This month, October 2015, Goldwater had made a strategic collaboration agreement with KOBO Funds. Kobo Funds is an international syndication network built around a community of experienced Venture Partners providing pre-screened opportunities to qualified investors. The investment business landscape is in a period of profound change: entrepreneurs can access tradition-breaking new options when it comes […]

Project Management Group (PMG) joins the Goldwater's family

Today, 20th of August 2015, marks a next chapter of collaboration between Project Management Group (PMG) and Goldwater (GW). Two companies have agreed on collaborating towards further unlocking the full potential of PMG in the field of project management. PMG will be supported by GW on the international market, with the main emphasis on Africa. […]


È stato pubblicato sulla Gazzetta Ufficiale n. 161 del 14/07/2015 il D. Leg.vo 26/06/2015 che è volto a recepire la Direttiva 2012/18/UE (cosiddetta “Seveso III”, in merito alla quale si rinvia all’articolo “Incidenti rilevanti: la nuova Direttiva 2012/18/UE”), sulla base della delega conferita al Governo dalla L. 06/08/2013, n. 96 (Legge di delegazione europea 2013), […]


President Mahama celebrates Ghana Day at Milan Expo where the Goldwater’s Managing Director Dr. Marco Romani can express all the interest of the Italian Companies ( supported by the firm that he lead) for the Ghanian Market and business opportunities and He can express, also, all the gratitude to the Minister of Trade & Industry […]

Vietnam - Quang Ngai Province - Dung Quat Economic Zone

Quang Ngai is a province in the South Central Coast Region of Vietnam, bordered by Binh Dinh province to the south, Quang Nam to the north, Kontum to the west and East Sea to the east. Quang Ngai lies in the Key Economic Region in Central Vietnam and the East-West Economic Corridor. GOLDWATER Professionals are […]

Ghana & Mozambic - compressed natural gas (CNG) to fuel motor vehicles

Motor vehicles are one of the major sources of air pollution in many world’s regions. Each government took various policies to convert the petroleum vehicles on road to run on compressed natural gas (CNG), which allows both air quality improvements and energy security benefits. One of the market friendly policies to encourage the fuel switch […]

Green OPEC

Global discussions on the reduction of CO2 emissions and the increasing interest in alternative energy sources and production technologies have started to concern oil exporting nations. Goldwater’s team of experts are already involved to discover and to apply integrated solution to easily allow transition from black to green gold. Combined energy and biofuels process plant […]

Recoma Kazakhastan Branch Office

GOLDWATER senior advisory experts are strongly supporting RECOMAGROUP, the leading Italian firm in gas cylinders testing to open the Kazakhstan Branch office. Goldwater professionals are providing industrial master planning, branch feasibility study, consultancy and public relation management , engineering and environmental services to permit application according to Kazakhstan laws.

Malta Polyphenols World Congress

Goldwater top management representatives attendee at Polyphenols World Congress that has be placed on June 3-5, 2015 at Hotel Radisson St Julian’s, Malta. Goldwater is developing an integrated industrial package for extraction, refining and concentration of bioactive principles by olive leaves and tissues, grapes, artichokes and many other relevant Mediterranean vegetable kinds.