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Mediterranean : the source for a Regional cleaner future!

Yesterday, 30th of August 2015, Eni SpA announced 30 trillion cubic feet of gas field. It is considered the 4th largest discover in the last 10 years. This puts Eni in a leading position of natural gas with a perspective towards the future. The deposit is located in Zohr Prospect in the Shorouk block. This field will fulfill the demand of the local market demand of 12.542 billion cu feet and put Egypt to a ranking of Mozambique and Azerbaijan in the future gas explortation.

What does this mean for the Mediterranean region? Cleaner, cheaper and easily transportable oil alternative. This discovery would definitely thrive the region to move forward and develop further. Goldwater’s partnering companies are very excited for this news and are even more excited to expose their future and current products that will support the regional boost towards the use of such opportunity of natural gas.

Goldwater CleanTech Division is supporting prime European Firms, like as RECOMA (ITALY) and PIETRO FIORENTINI (ITALY) to develop cost effective technology that will allow to resolve the main critical issue in natural gas use for transportation.