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Goldwater (ITALY) and KOBO Funds (UK) join collaboration.

This month, October 2015, Goldwater had made a strategic collaboration agreement with KOBO Funds. Kobo Funds is an international syndication network built around a community of experienced Venture Partners providing pre-screened opportunities to qualified investors. The investment business landscape is in a period of profound change:
  • entrepreneurs can access tradition-breaking new options when it comes to fundraising;
  • investors are faced with innovative alternative opportunities in which to invest their capital;
  • senior executives across the world are on a journey towards equity investments and entrepreneurship, turning knowledge and experience into powerful assets for the benefit of co- investors.
Kobo’s mission is to enable its worldwide community of Venture Partners in connecting with investors to fund a proprietary deal flow of groundbreaking ventures. This is carried out by:
  • engaging executives, entrepreneurs and investors – both private and institutional – around a common cause: value creation based on entrepreneurship;
  • structuring syndicated deals led by Venture Partners, where different group of investors (private equity, venture capital, business angels, private funders) benefit from the experience of the lead investor.
The agreement that was made between GW and KOBO was that KOBO would represent GW’s pool of company’s innovative technology in the fields of engineering, oil and gas, project development and execution, food and beverage, and pharma and healthcare. We believe that this cooperation can develop mutual interest and exceed the development rate of the market with both sides supporting each other.

For further any further questions contact us at: segreteria@goldwater.it