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Ghana & Mozambic – compressed natural gas (CNG) to fuel motor vehicles

Motor vehicles are one of the major sources of air pollution in many world’s regions. Each government took various policies to convert the petroleum vehicles on road to run on compressed natural gas (CNG), which allows both air quality improvements and energy security benefits. One of the market friendly policies to encourage the fuel switch was to increase the price differential between CNG and petrol and diesel. This has allowed a wide-scale adoption of CNG as the fuel of choice. Goldwater’s professional engineers are working on econometric intervention analysis to understand the impact of CNG conversion on car ownership and car travel in Ghana and in Mozambico, too. The Concept Study is undergoing to give attention to disentangle the self-selection and price-induced travel effects of CNG conversion. Preliminary results show that on-road CNG convertion’s vehicles can reduce the environmental impact providing economics benefit for the car’s owner in terms of fuel saving costs . This concept study is performed exclusively for RECOMA GROUP.