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CYBER SECURITY II: defend crucial ICS/SCADA infrastructure from devastating attacks the tried-and-true Hacking Exposed way

aaeaaqaaaaaaaae_aaaajdfkzjkzmtdjlwu5ytytndy4ns04ogjkltq2oweyyme3ndk2yg Every day new powerful weapons and devious methods cyber-terrorists use to compromise the devices, applications, and systems vital to industrial process plant, chemical complex, oil and gas pipelines, electrical grids up to nuclear refineries. It’s not time to sleep! GOLDWATER setup a dedicated Team to resolve vulnerabilities and attack vectors specific to ICS/SCADA protocols, applications, hardware, servers, and workstations. The Team will support Industrial Customer to fight hackers and malware, such as the infamous Stuxnet worm, that can exploit them and disrupt critical processes, compromise safety, and bring production to a halt. GOLDWATER’s senior experts will design specific defense strategies and offer ready-to-deploy countermeasures.