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CYBER SECURITY: a technical joint partnership with EPS DATACOM

Accordingly with Italian National Framework for cyber security (2015)…..”Today, the economic and social systems of advanced countries are strongly dependent on cyberspace, meant as the combination of networks and data systems needed to provide essential services to citizens by governmental bodies, Critical Infrastructures, enterprises and the public sector. IT systems have become a key factor also for the management of physical facilities such as electricity networks, industrial systems, transport systems, etc. However, cyberspace and its components are affected by a high number of potential risks. First of all, as they are complex and rapidly evolving systems, their vulnerability is always present. Despite the efforts, and as today there is no possibility to have non-vulnerable systems, also because of the many “0-day” attacks available on the black market, possible threats need to be steadily taken into consideration. One or more of these vulnerabilities can be exploited by an hacker to illegally access the IT systems of an organization, allowing him to read, steal or delete critical information or even take control of its IT or physical assets. These vulnerabilities, and the fact that the awareness about them is not yet so high at each and every community level, make the cyber risk much relevant for an organization, like the financial and the reputation risks.” GOLDWATER and EPC DATACOM signed last 15th of November 2016, a technical joint partnership agreement to provide advanced IT’s and Cyber Security services to protect worldwide customers. EPS DATACOM deliver technical support with more than 20 years of experience, providing clients 24/7/365 remote computer network defense including adversary pursuit, perimeter- and host-based defense, network anomaly analysis, incident response, malware analysis and credential security.